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Hold Your Horses !

Hold your Horses! is a seven-headed, fourteen-handed, polyphonic monster. Meshing, with the know how of proverbial idiot savants, rock and pop, wood and brass, the voices of boys with those of girls with those of foreign calls, Hold your Horses! has been exploring venues for (roughly) two years, between Paris (the Flèche d’Or, l’International, the Nouveau Casino, the Glaz’art...), the rest of France (Château-Thierry, Saint-Malo) and indeed the rest of the world (fair Verona, Brussels, Liège). In August 2010, they boarded a blue 15-seater Ford Escort designed specifically for the maximum comfort of its many members, and drove 2300 miles over pot-holed American asphalt, stopping along the way to play in New York, Boston, Rhode Island, Philadelphia, North Carolina...
Their epic live shows and the release in February 2010 of a music video, which has garnered a lot of international attention, have allowed the band to build a devoted following and to attract just the right ears. In 2011, Hold your Horses! has taken the leap and released their first EP, recorded in Brussels and produced by Villeneuve.

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